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February 23 2014

her sabah ac karnina bir kere seni unutuyorum
by berk öztürk
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February 09 2014

January 12 2014

December 31 2013

December 11 2013

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Art by SOPossom at Deviant Art

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November 30 2013

I want you to stop and consider
One moment, this moment in
Consider me.
I am... brittle, holding the world together
In my head silently.

I considered the evidence of your impurities.
I weighed the pros and the cons
in each hand like ripe melons,
they drip with the saccharine falsehood
that we swim in,
these days.

Is nothing sacred? For I know
I shouldn't leave you with more questions
Than answers. Yet, I cannot help myself.
For the times when the world grows
oh-so-pale, people trying to be
blind albino fish in subterranean rivers
sightless, mindless, thoughtless, headless.

I cradle all of you together
In my head silently.
I love all of you for what you could be.
I hate all of you for what you have been,
for what you think of being
for what you want to be
for the places you drive in your cars
At three AM.

Moving undetected, I am naught
But a stray thought crossing your mind
Thinking of your future
In my head silently.
In My Head Silently by Hollebunker on deviantART
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October 26 2013

October 06 2013

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October 03 2013

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September 15 2013

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July 03 2013

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May 28 2013

May 22 2013

CHEW! by Pikaole
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April 02 2013

March 26 2013

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February 26 2013

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Iris by *attlid

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